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Lip Lightening or Dark Lips Treatment in Delhi

Are your dark lips bothering you? 

Dark and black lips are the culprit behind the unattractive smile! Indeed, it has become a common problem affecting both men and women nowadays. Smoking, dehydration, tanning, allergies, skin disorders, the list is long to learn the cause behind the dark shaded lips. Fortunately, there are advanced treatments available that can restore the beauty of your lips. 

Chandra Clinic offers the most effective Lip Lightening Treatment in Delhi!

What is Lip Lightening Treatment?

Dark Lips Treatment is a wonderful non-operative, non-invasive treatment that helps treat dark lips. It’s a simple and seamless treatment to achieve natural-looking, healthy, and soft lips. Our expert will analyze the cause and suggest the best treatment for your condition.

Who can opt for this treatment?

Lip-Lightening Treatment is well suited for all people of all age groups suffering from dark lips.


At Chandra Clinic, we offer two treatments for Dark lip lightening. 

Want Get Rid form Dark Lips
  • Chemical Peels

The specialist will apply concentrated chemical peels on your lips, enriched with skin-lightening ingredients. In a couple of days, dead skin from the lips sheds off and is replaced by new and healthy skin. 

    • Laser Treatment

    In laser treatment, the dark lips are treated with the latest technology of a flashlight that sends the right amount of targeted heat and light to reduce the pigmentation and dullness of the lips.

    Note: You may require 3-5 sessions of these procedures depending on the color of your lips.

    Benefits of Dark Lip Lightening Treatment

    Lip Lightening Treatment offers – 


    • Relief from dark lips.
    • Even tone of lips.
    • Remove nicotine and tar stains.
    • Fix discoloration due to genetic disorders.
    • Fix pigmentation due to melasma, acanthosis nigricans, etc.

    Post-Treatment Guidelines

    Benefits of Lip Lightening Treatment

    Our experts advise you to follow specific guidelines for long-lasting results-

    1. Protect your treated lips from sun exposure by applying adequate sunscreen daily.
    2. Avoid applying lipsticks for a few days.
    3. Drink lots of water and fresh juices to stay hydrated.
    4. Do not touch or scratch the lips.
    5. Use medications and balms as prescribed by the specialist.

    Pro Tip: Avoid having spicy food right after the sessions, as it can harm your treated lips.

    Why Choose Us Dark Lips Lightening Treatment in Delhi ?

    Why choose chandra clinic for ?

    • Chandra Clinic offers the best and most successful lip-lightening treatments to enhance your overall look. Our head dermatologist, Dr. Kapil Chandra, has experience of more than 10 years in offering targeted lip treatments. Under his expertise, we ensure restoring your natural beauty of soft, pink, and natural lips.

    FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

    Will lip-lightening treatment hurt?
    Not at all. The treatment at Chandra Clinic for treating dark lips provides a painless experience. You may feel a slight sensation during the procedure, which is fine and natural.
    How many sessions will be needed to treat dark lips?
    Our head dermatologist will first conduct a thorough diagnosis and further suggest a personalized treatment plan for effective and long-lasting results.
    Are there any side effects of lip-lightening treatment?
    At Chandra Clinic, we perform each step with total care. Lip-lightening treatment does not have side effects. You may feel slight redness over the treated area which will fade away in a few hours.