Under Eye Treatment

Under-Eye Swelling & Dark Circle Treatment in Delhi

About Under-Eye Swelling & Dark Circle Treatment 

Under eye pigmentation can appear due to under eye hollowness/sunken skin or darkening of skin or both. In majority of the people there are both components. For the hollowness or depression, we can add fillers to lift the skin and fill the defect. For the pigmentation we have various options like under eye creams, lasers, peels and mesotherapy as part of daily under eye care regime, one must apply a moisturiser at night and sunscreen in the morning. Also, good UV protection sunglasses are a must whenever we step out. Also, never rub or scrub the under eye area. Take good rest, limit screen time (mobile, TV, laptop) and drink lots of water. Eat a lot of green veggies and salads which act as antioxidants.