Hair Transplant

It involves taking roots from the back of the scalp, which are resistant to the action of DHT hormone, and transferring them to the area of hair loss. The USPs of Hair transplant treatments in Delhi at Chandra clinic are


Only surgeon will perform on you, not assistants, because we understand that you are paying for the experience of the surgeon’s hand. The assistants team will only assist the surgeon.


Highly experienced: after being a surgeon with DHI, the world’s top hair transplant clinic chain, for 5 years, she went on to become the Medical Director at DHI International where her work was to train teams from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri lanka to be able to perform hair transplant in their clinics in their countries. She has been practising hair transplants since 10 years now.


Latest method of implantation: instead of the older technique of making reception holes and putting in grafts with forceps, we use Choi implanters to implant roots that guarantees precision in controlling the angle and direction of implanted hair as well as density monitoring, thus making sure that your result is perfectly natural looking.


Highly qualified surgeon: Dr. Urvashi is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons, the highest qualification in the field of hair transplants, which only a handful doctors have across the globe. The degree is given to surgeons after stiff exams and checking past patient results and records. Dr. Urvashi is now an examiner for this degree. She is also trained for FUE by the ISHRS through workshops.


Best in class instruments: we use the original Cole punches that come directly from Cole Instruments, USA, the manufacturer of the finest hair transplant instruments in the world.


Minimally invasive FUE technique ensures you can join work the next day itself. No cuts or sutures.

Before / After Hair Transplant  Surgery

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chandra clinic-  hair transplant  Result
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the procedure done?

We take out roots from the back area of your scalp and insert them in the area of hair loss. The roots start producing hair in the new area. It’s like taking a plant along with the root from one soil and planting it in another soil. The procedure is done under local anesthesia so you will be conscious.

How much time does the procedure take?

It typically takes a day or sometimes two depending upon the area of hair loss.

How painful is it?

At chandra clinic, with the use of minimally invasive technique the procedure is almost painless. The post procedure period is also very comfortable with majority of our patients not needing any painkillers.

How much is the downtime?

When will I be able to join work? Next day. That’s right. With our procedure, you’d be able to join work the very next day without any bandages on your head. Little dots of implanted hair scabs fall off in 10 days.

What care has to be taken after transplant?

It’s very simple to follow instructions. We’ll be giving you a saline spray bottle and you’ll have to spray it on the implanted area every hour for 2 days. New roots need hydration which is why the saline spray is important. You’ll have to avoid gymming for a week. After 10 days of transplant we recommend you start using minoxidil again.

How much does it cost for hair transplant in Delhi ?

At our Chandra clinic, best hair transplant clinic in Delhi the cost starts from Rs 75,000 for 2000 hair. (Updated January 2020)

After the transplant will I still have to use medicines to save my hair?

The purpose of Hair Transplant is to replace what you’ve lost, not save what you have. So you’d have to continue minoxidil to save existing hair.

How much time does it take for all the hair to grow?

It generally takes around an year for full result.

Is there any age bar for it?

No, there’s no age bar. However we do recommend that if you’re younger than 20, we must wait and treat just with medicines that will help us understand your speed of hair loss. The younger the age at which Male baldness starts, the more will be its progression. We need to plan our transplant accordingly.

When is the right time for a transplant?

This is an aesthetic procedure. You can go for it whenever you feel you are not looking as per your expectation and want to improve your looks. If it’s affecting your confidence level, then the best time is now. However, medicines to stop further hair loss have to start as soon as possible. That’s not something one should delay.

Hair Transplant Videos

Hair Transplantation : Implantation process

Hair Transplantation : Implantation process