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Skin Glow Treatment in Delhi

Glowing skin is always in!

We live in an era where glowing and bright skin is always appreciated and complimented. 

And we ruin our healthy glowing skin by continuing improper lifestyles and poor eating habits, giving us dark, pigmented, and dull skin. 

Isn’t our first line of action to restore that natural glow are always trying home remedies. Unfortunately, home remedies are insufficient; we need professional treatment to fix our skin woes. 

At Chandra Clinic, our experts bring the aesthetic  Best Skin Glow Treatment in Delhi, which will help you to look radiant as ever!

What is Skin Glow Treatment?

Skin Glow Treatment is a non-operative and non-invasive treatment involving chemical peels, carbon facials, lasers, or Hollywood facials, to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. The aim is to reveal glowy and shiny skin by applying appropriate skin exfoliation. Also, it increases collagen production in the skin, which helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Depending on your skin type, age, and expectations, our experts ensure to enhance your appearance using safe and skin-friendly products.

Who is eligible for this treatment?

Skin glow treatment is suitable for all, irrespective of age and gender. Anybody suffering from dark, dull, and pigmented skin can opt for this treatment.

Pro Tip: Clear all your queries with the Doctor


At Chandra Clinic, we follow a series of steps for productive results. 

  1. The treatment starts with a consultation with our head dermatologist. He will diagnose your skin to check which treatment will work best for you according to your skin type and problem.
  2. After the consultation, your treatment will be started by prepping and cleaning your face to remove all the dirt and excess oil.
  3. The sensitive areas of the face, like the eyes and lips, will be covered.
  4. The skin glow treatment will be carried out for the required time.
  5. The application of sunscreen and moisturizer is mandatory afterward.

Note: Sessions for skin glow treatment are planned depending on the individual’s results and expectations.

How does this treatment help?

Skin Glow Treatment has many proven benefits –

  • Instant glowing and radiant skin.
  • Ample skin hydration. 
  • Lightens acne marks.
  • Enhances skin complexation.
  • Even tone.
  • Skin rejuvenation.

Post-treatment Guidelines

After leaving the clinic, you should follow specific guidelines for effective and promising results-

  1. Do not touch, pop or pick the skin.
  2. Wash your face gently.
  3. Avoid fried and oily food.
  4. Avoid sugary and processed food.
  5. Hydrate yourself with water and fresh juices.

Pro Tip: Follow all the instructions given by the Doctor.

    Why Choose Us?

    Chandra Clinic offers the best and most successful skin treatments complimenting your skin and making you feel more confident. Our head dermatologist, Dr. Kapil Chandra, has experience of more than 10 years in performing aesthetic skin treatments.

    Skin Glow Treatment at Chandra Clinic is performed with great responsibility and care.

      FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

      Does skin glow treatment safe for all skin types?

      Skin glow treatment suits all skin types: oily, dry, combination, and normal. Our specialist will guide you to get the best treatment according to your skin type.

      Can I wear makeup after the treatment?

      We advise waiting for at least 2-3 days after the treatment for applying makeup. It is necessary to provide ample time to the skin for proper healing.

      Are there any side effects of skin glow treatment?

      Absolutely not. All the procedures and products used in the treatment are selected while keeping your skin type in mind. If you face any redness or itchiness, please consult our specialist at the earliest.