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Hair Treatments


Hair fall is inevitable. Increased shedding, slower hair growth, more frizz, dryness, or less volume is a grade where hair loss is suspected! Many individuals even experience loss of pigmentation in the hair strands resulting in more gray and white hairs. Male-pattern baldness might contribute to hair loss in men by their early 30s making them think about hair transplants. Women who suffer from alopecia can’t get away from female-pattern baldness, too! Before hopping onto a Hair transplant, there comes a middle way. Today, the advancement in hair treatments offers concoctions that truly bring out effective results. If you’re experiencing the early stages of hair loss, a combination of medication and customized diet plans can also help address the issue. For thinning hair, we suggest advanced PRP/growth factor therapy and using a laser helmet. If hair loss persists, hair transplant surgery is an effective option!

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