Vitiligo Treatment

Best Vitiligo or White patches Treatment

About Vitiligo or White Patches Treatment 

It is a disorder in which the skin pigment producing cells (melanocytes) are defective. It has a genetic component. It can get precipitated due to stress. It can start at any age. It is not transmissible, however it can be inherited. Treatment involves stimulating the melanocytes to produce melanin (skin pigment or color) through medicines, UVA/ UVB therapy, or contact sensitization.

Vitiligo is also called as leucoderma or Phulwari( in Hindi).
It’s a disease in which our body starts getting white patches and can occur on any part of body and can be for any age group. We need to differentiate it from other problems which can be treated easily like tinea versicolor, pytriasis Alba.
We are usually genetically predisposed to get vitiligo. It does not transmit through touching or eating together.
There are many treatment options available for the same. We should eat healthy preservative free food. Take less of stress as it tends to increase vitiligo. Avoid irritants like excessive make up or hair color.
At Chandra clinic we try to help our patients with medications. We also do excimer laser for small resistant patches. Also if vitiligo isn’t responding to medication and laser we can do vitiligo surgery in stable vitiligo.