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Early last year, I looked at the mirror and realised that no matter what hairstyle I do, I am bald. There is no denying it and I can no longer endure the sight of my hair loss. Oddly, it was not important what my friends, coworkers, and acquaintances thought. I do not care that others saw me as bald. I just did not see myself as bald unless I looked in the mirror but I just didn’t want to accept that I was bald. You are reading this message because you know how it feels and you understand how I had felt. It is important enough to keep on searching for a solution.

In August 2019, I met Dr. Urvashi Chandra. She changed how I used to look. Sure, my hair is not as thick as when I was in my early 20’s but at least I now have A LOT more hair to work with. I am giving you a realistic expectation. I am NOT getting any payment advertising for Chandra Clinic. I am doing this because I want to express my debt of gratitude to Doctor Dr. Urvashi. I really feel Hair transplant is part medical science and part artistry and Dr. Urvashi has both of extensive expertise. The operation was pretty comfortable as opposed to what I was expecting and to be honest, no operations are pleasant. She personally followed up by phone calls make sure that recovered well and at post operation was successful. They have dedicated caring staff that gave me guidance to ensure that grafts heal successfully.

I highly recommend Doctor Urvashi Chandra. She has my highest and utmost regard.

Sandeep Roy

Dr Kapil chandra is an amazing doctor, my fiance got marks on her cheeks just before our engagement and then we met Dr Kapil chandra. He started her treatment and the way he examined and treated her was very impressive and helpful. Her marks were gone within a week. I would absolutely recommend to visit him for any skin problems.

Vishwas Kumar

Wonderful experience….Chandra Skin Clinic was recommended by a friend,though it took some time but eventually the results were very good!

Priyesuman Rastogi

Highly recommended dermatologist. Dr. Chandra has always been very polite, courteous and patient. Treatments suggested by him are highly effective.

Very rarely do you come across doctors who are ready to lend an empathic ear to all your worries. He is certainly one of them.

Raman Mehta

Great Results!! Thank you so much to all the friendly & supportive doctors and clinic staff. Really the BEST skin, hair & laser clinic in Pitampura!! ???? I highly recommend. ????

Ishika Chaddha

Never having seen a cosmetic surgeon before I was not sure what to expect but Dr. Chandra and the staff at Chandra Clinic were so kind and answered all my questions with great patience. Dr. Chandra knew exactly what I wanted and the results now are fantastic. Thank You!

Md Ali Hussain

Was recommended Chandra Skin Clinic by a relative. I am so happy they did. Dr Chandra is a sensitive doctor, who listens to the problems patiently. It is the ‘go to’ place for skin and hair problems. The best part is their Professional approach with personal touch.
The clinic is clean and hygienic. Easy to approach.

Swati Chhabra

Good doctor. They treat patients very nicely. A good place recommended by me to go

Keshav Singhal

I had come for my brother’s hair transplant..we got great results!! Very satisfied.

Meenakshi Pandey

I had come for my brother’s hair transplant..we got great results!! Very satisfied.

Meenakshi Pandey

Very good place to visit, doctors listen to patients very calmly and diagnose very well. For all skin and hair problems must visit Chandra skin clinic.

Jaspal Singh

One of the best dermatologist in the city. Very polite and courteous, expert in his field and had a great experience consulting him.
Highly recommended.

Dikshant Gupta