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When we go about looking for a hair transplant clinic, we come across a lot of cost variation. So let us take a look at the ingredients of the hair transplant cost in Delhi recipe.

    • Qualification of the surgeon. Getting good education comes at a cost. Not just in terms of money, but also in terms of the time a doctor has spent to achieve appropriate education. Your hair transplant surgeon in Delhi must be a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Additional degrees exclusively in hair transplant such as Diplomate, ABHRS are also very important.

    • Does your doctor go to international conferences, workshops, buy books and journals to stay updated? If yes, then these also come at a cost. I’m sure you would want your surgeon to be updated with the on goings in the medical industry.

    • Whether only surgeon perform the entire surgery or the technicians. As technicians performing a surgery would obviously be much cheaper since it’s the surgeon’s time and expertise that’s valuable. When a doctor performs your entire procedure, they block the entire day for you.

    • How experienced is your surgeon? A minimum of 500 procedures is a must, done by the surgeon itself, not by technicians.

    • What is the quality of instruments which are used in the procedure? Instruments come in a range of Rs. 500 for an extraction punch to up to Rs. 5000. If implanters are used for hair implantation, that’s again an additional cost. Needless to mention, better instruments mean least graft damage, fast healing of donor area, minimal downtime, perfectly natural looking results.

    • Does the clinic have all emergency medicines and setup?

    • Is the team of technicians working with the surgeon is full time or are floating, wandering ones? As it is possible that the part time technicians might not be serious towards the procedure

So, the next time you look for a Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, remember to check these points and not just the price. Remember, you have a limited donor hair supply. Don’t let anyone waste it. What could be worse than having a procedure done with no positive effects on your hair? Or very unnatural fence like hair growing? In no way you should feel I was better bald!

Dr. Urvashi Chandra
M.B.B.S., M.D. Dermatology
Diplomate, American Board Of Hair Restoration Surgeons.
Ex- Medical Director, DHI Academy
(1000+ hair transplant surgeries performed)
Chandra Clinic, New Delhi